From rare to everyday phenomena

Resource depletion, population growth and climate change will force nations across the world to improve their resource efficiency and reduce emissions. The operating model for Resource Wisdom combines everyday choices, new innovations and various sustainable development projects to form a cohesive model and goals for a region to reach towards.

Resource Wisdom offers new business opportunities and jobs, increases well-being, and improves local self-sufficiency, economy and energy efficiency. The model of Resource Wisdom empowers an efficient and a sustainable use of environmental resources while it decreases local consumption and greenhouse gas emissions – it offers considerable savings with relative ease.

"This is a major change that no city can make alone; residents, organisations, businesses and educational institutions need to be on board".

Lari Rajantie, Leading Specialist, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

An international competitive edge

Wise use of resources is rapidly becoming an international competitive edge. To strive for this edge, a region needs to bring its stakeholders together to design a road map with milestones that all stakeholders can commit to. The road map encompasses the city’s long term plans for reaching the targets of becoming carbon neutral and waste free.

By using the model, the various functions and areas of responsible city management can be brought together to work towards a shared goal while giving the city the opportunity to lead the local community on the path towards a successful, sustainable future.

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