Culture of experimenting and piloting

Strategic models of Resource Wisdom are passed down to the everyday lives of local residents and businesses. For a city to succeed in Resource Wisdom, a grass-roots level implementation is extremely important.

In the city of Jyväskylä, tens of thousands of residents took part in testing Resource Wise ideas in practice.  We collected ideas for sustainable solutions directly from local residents and we engaged them in idea implementations. This resulted in the acceptance of the Resource Wisdom model from local communities – something that we know is not always easy to achieve.


Resource Wise regions flourish

Cities and municipalities can use the resource wisdom operating model to strengthen their regional economies and enhance employment, to create new business opportunities for local companies, and to enhance the well-being of local residents.

In the Jyväskylä region this would mean...

100 million euros

a year in added value to the
local economy

1000 new jobs

to the local labor market

500 000 tonne

reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
per year

Projects boost well-beingand reduce harmful environmental impacts

Prototyping enables the prompt testing of a proposed new solution in a real environment, together with the end users. This is a new approach, especially in the public sector. Failing is allowed, even encouraged, and often improves the quality and viability of the final concept. Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the city of Jyväskylä have carried out several practical experiments and created prototypes for scalable sustainable solutions.

13 000 new bus passengers on
Free Public Transportation Day

3 000 residents extendingthe life cycle of various personal items

Leftover school lunch sold affordably to local residents

Best practices

A best practice is to do things together and promote experimental culture. In a Resource Wise region, residents can make their town a more desirable place to live by making their local environment more sustainable at the grass roots level.

Similarly, companies can find opportunities to test and develop new solutions for global market demand.

The experimental culture can be seen as a tool for strategic development and as an enabler to start acting more sustainably.

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